Monday, July 28, 2008


Last night went to IKEA. As usual, we are supposed to leave at 8pm after prayer. No surprise...waited for “everyone” (by everyone is that my other half's family). Eventually we only started moving out half an hour later. Reach there at 9pm. Just imagine the pace we are moving, one person goes one direction, another wondering somewhere else and a lady figure keep stopping(usually would be my mummy). Not only that, my son keep nagging me when are we going to have dinner. Imagine the craziness that surrounded me. . Like my son always said “THE AGONY!! THE HORROR!!”. Why does it happen to me all the time? Is there a sign on my forehead saying that 'please be late...I do not mind waiting’. The funny thing is that, even though I have been with 'everyone' for about half of my life, "everyone” should know by now that I do not like waiting but they somehow or rather still do it (maybe for the fun of it). They would still take their sweet time to get ready, then let you wait inside the car for half an hour(the longest period I believe is nearly an hour, need to double check with my wife......wait, is it my wife who made me wait or them???).
Do you ever wonder that, how your life would be liked if you did not meet up with your spouse and his/her family? Would you be much happier or vice-versa? Well, in a perfect world (we all can imagine that), we can believe that we are going to get the perfect life with the perfect house, the perfect wife with the perfect kids, the perfect family and the perfect in laws( wow ow.....stop! to much of perfection...afraid I make myself believe that I'm living it). In reality how good or bad your life is, always be grateful with what you have because you will never know when you are going to loss it. I am just afraid that, when we come around to realise that what we have is the best damn thing that ever happened to us in this world, it would not be there anymore and the worst thing, we would not get the opportunity to say goodbye or to say how much we love them.
Yes, life sometimes can be really be a nuisance, we constantly chasing for shadows that we will never catch...but always bear in mind that we have the people that we call our family and friends. They will always be there to direct us when we are lost, catch us when we fall, shares our tears and laughter in good or bad times. So, stop whining and enjoy your life. Period. To my forever “everyone”, walaupun berat hati nak cakap (because I do not like to show my affection) but I do love you guys so next time cepat sikit siap.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

welcoming myself

Hello, hello, hello to myself. It is so strange to greet yourself and you know that you are going to say hello back (does it make sense, I think NOT. well who cares!)As I still fresh (virgin more like it), I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Well, for start, I know that people have been blogging for awhile and I was introduce to it by my always busy(yet she got so much time to kill to go through this chatting thingy)wife. Never had the chance to explore personally but somehow today, even though it has been a hectic morning, I found myself with a little time to register this blog. Therefore, here I am writing out whatever that is in my head (1.35pm to be precise). I will be updating with my blog as often as I can so you can read and experience the joy and sadness moments (there will be some), crazy and not so crazy days and you will see what I meant by life, as we know it. Therefore, I will be signing off now, cheers.